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The photography of the mountain landscape of the Alps includes impressing Alpine landscapes. The images of high mountains and green valleys, from the foothills up to higher reaches of the Alps with landscapes in color and black & white show the beauty and nativeness of the nature and landscape of this mountain range in the heart of Europe. The pictures show the beauty concern mountain ranges in Italy and France, however also in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Discover purely nature images with impressing lighting effects from sunrise and sunset from the peaks of the mountains covered in the morning light, in the evening light or with snow. You see pictures of the highest mountains, Alpine passes and high alpine roads, picturesque views onto lakes and rivers. The images occupy that the Alpine scenery of all seasons is one of the most imposing natural landscapes in Europe.

Besides the dramatic landscape photographs you will find pictures of attractions like churches, palaces and castles.

The Alps form the largest mountain chain in Europe. They reach from the Mediterranean coast in France in the west to the Danube River near Vienna in the east.

In the gallery Austria you will find pictures of Tirol, the „Land im Gebirg“ or „Land in the Mountains“. The traveller will be fascinated by the Karwendel region, where still today you find remote alp valleys to explore.
The Italian gallery is diversified and shows very different regions of the Italian Alps.  Apart from the steep and rugged Dolomites there are the impressive landscapes of the Grand Paradiso National Park.

The typical „Heidi Landscapes“can be viewed in the Swiss gallery. The12000 ft high mountains of the Wallis mountain chain and of the Bern highlands alternate with images of picturesque mountain lakes and spectacular waterfalls.

The images of the Alps in France start at the Grand Canyon de Verdon in the south and lead us right up to Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps with a height of 14400 ft. In between we can marvel at serene sceneries of mountain landscapes as in the national park of Mercantour.

Most pictures of the Alps were, however, taken in the Bavarian Alps in Germany. Beginning at the foothills to the very mountains tops, our landscape photographers have captured all the different marvel moods in the Bavarian Alps. How successfully have they captured the play of light with their cameras! That is why we are happy to offer such impressive images of these mountain landscapes. These photographs prove that the Alps contain the most varied and diversified landscapes in all of Europe.