Foto: Dune landscape on the Theerbrennersee

Dune landscape on the Theerbrennersee - Baltic Sea - Darss west - black & white

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L113030012G | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Europe, Germany, North German Country, Mecklenburg, Baltic Sea, Darss west, nature landscape, vegetation, plant, tree trees, shore, beach grass, dune, morning light, horizon, sky, clouds, calm, calmness, season spring, tree row, beech tree, trees formed by the wind, deciduous tree, copse, secluded, isolated, far away, wind shaped, cloudy, peaceful, vernally, hilly, picturesque, matutinal, tranquil, silent, untouched, windless, broad extensiv, natural, to a large extent visible, bw, b-w, black and white, black&white

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