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Photography of Canadian landscape, nature and wilderness – Photos from Canada Cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Ottawa, Victoria, Montreal

The pictures that follow are an introduction to the land of superlatives, second largest in the world. Canada encompasses almost ten million square kilometers, most of which is virgin wilderness. Her northern reach extends into the Arctic Ocean while she rests, snugly cradled by both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Within her borders one can find both tundra and boreal forest. Accenting her diversity, a coastline blessed by a near-Mediterranean climate, and a majestic mountain range that braces the skyline. The Great Lakes, which she shares with the United States, contains a quarter of all the fresh water in the world.

Her woodlands are home to almost two hundred species of trees, many different kinds of mammals, including the grizzly bear, the odd-looking moose and the gigantic bison. Over five hundred species of birds breed in the different peaceful environments of Canada. Her ample coastline (greater than any other in the world) is accented by the endless oceanic vistas that, upon reflection, give a glimpse into the sheer enormity that surrounds us here.

The variety and moods of the Canadian wilderness and its natural environment is astonishing. In the summer, you might see the mist rise above one of the millions of secluded lakes on a tranquil early morning, enveloping the rushes, reeds, swamps and marshlands, where the loons make their eerie sounds. If you are lucky you will see a moose enter a river or a body of water to drink and eat water-lilies or other water vegetation.

The prairies offer open landscapes with wide horizons, normally a blue sky, and millions of flowers, wetlands and bogs with different hues and shades. The Great Lakes with their long shorelines and sand beaches offer oceanic vistas of breathtaking beauty. Their coastlines, like Lake Superior's north shore with its high waves, are often shrouded in clouds and wet silence.

The geology is quite varied and ranges from some of the oldest rocks on earth on the Canadian Shield, with their delicate textures and detail, to the “new” rocks of the scenic Rocky Mountains, home of the grizzly bear. The fall colours set Canada ablaze. The foliage on the trees and bushes turns a brilliant red and yellow and leaves turn into colorful abstract patterns and shapes.

What a dream for the colour photographer.

The people of Canada are as diverse as her vegetation, flora and fungi.  The First Nations are the Indians and the Inuit or Eskimos we have inherited this great land from. Recent immigrants are a motley combination of English and French settlers, Germans and East European, and from the east, Chinese and Japanese labourers. Canada’s immigrants have influenced her rich culture and traditions throughout all her cities and regions.

Atlantic Canada has a unique charm; French speaking Quebec celebrates its own traditions while many Ukrainians formed the backbone of the farming community in the Prairies. The Oriental influence is deeply prevalent in British Columbia. As the photographs show, the cultural inheritance of the immigrants is maintained

The photographs of the urban centres with their contemporary architecture take an important part at the photographic gallery "Canada".  Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are some of the major metropolitan areas of Canada as well as bustling centres and destinations for sightseeing, travel and tourism. They are modern, metropolitan, eclectic cities with downtown areas full of skyscrapers, high-rises, office towers, glass facades, and reflections of stunning architecture, culminating in majestic urban skylines. Most cities have sports centres mainly for baseball like the Rogers Centre (Skydome) in Toronto. The greatest attraction in Toronto is of course one of the tallest structures of the world: the CN Tower.