Foto: Vancouver Reflections

Vancouver Reflections, Canada - Vancouver

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G068051941 | Fotograf: Klaus Lang

America, North America, Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, urban, town, metropolis, downtown, city centre, modern architectural style, architectural detail, facade, multistorey building high rise, office building, glass facade, glass cladding, patterns textures, blue sky, reflection, historical architectural style, window, pane of glass, straight-line, glazed, all-glass, cloudless, floodlit, atmospheric, altitudinarian, peaceful, metropolitan, vibrant vivid, representative, shady, reflecting, sunny, contemporary, abstract, sophisticated, colorful multi-coloured, high, Canadian, rich in contrast, modern, splendid, to a large extent visible, arched, round, contrasting, massive of stone, plasters

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