Foto: Espera - Cuba in the Fifties - Time of Revolution

Espera - Cuba in the Fifties - Time of Revolution, Cuba - Before the revolution

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G029050007 | Fotograf: M.L.Epperly

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, province Santiago de Cuba, landscape, countryside, country life, rural, farming, farmyard farmstead, homestead, croft, way, barn, shed, tin roof, corrugated iron, animals, hourse, vegetation, tree trees, palm tree, blue sky, clouds, tropics, villager, indigenous people, rider, man, adult, Cuban, farmer, positioned, cobbled, shady, sunny, tropical, summerly, contented, proud, posing, wealthy, Cuban, historic, monochrome, bw, b-w, black and white, black&white

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