Foto: Laundry drying III

Laundry drying III, Cuba - Havana doors, stairs and balconies

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G035057500 | Fotograf: Jorge V. Gavilondo

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Havana, old Havana, Calle Belascoaín, cityscape, urban, town, metropolis, Old Town historic district, historical architectural style, art nouveau, house, architectural detail, facade, balcony, railing, decay, laundry washing, clothesline, the washing on the line, blue sky, streetlife, lifestyle, World Heritage Site Unesco, cultural patrimony of humanity, patina, morning light, iron, painted, wrought-iron, ornate, round, sunny, shady, cloudless, floodlit, atmospheric, friendly, peaceful, tumbledown decrepit, derelict, picturesque, traditional, Cuban, Caribbean, aged, chaotic, historic, profane, drying, colorful

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