Foto: Compostion I

Compostion I, Cuba - Havana life style - black & white

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G030051832G | Fotograf: Jorge V. Gavilondo

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Havana, old Havana, Doce Apóstoles Battery, Museo de la Revolución, Máximo Gómez-Denkmal, cityscape, urban, town, capital city, metropolis, seaport, downtown, city centre, Old Town historic district, historical architectural style, square, public space, building, museum, seawall, waterside promenade water front, landmark, dome, port entrance, bay, morning light, water, vegetation, tree trees, deciduous tree, palm tree, traffic transport, vessel, motorboat, tyres, indigenous people, population, fishermen, Cuban, World Heritage Site Unesco, cultural patrimony of humanity, monument, sculpture, equestrian statue, fishing, politics, sunny, cloudless, floodlit, altitudinarian, far away, peaceful, friendly, metropolitan, towering lofty, matutinal, tranquil, stylish, traditional, fish angle, indigenous, historic, communist, political, representative, huge, to a large extent visible, bw, b-w, black and white, black&white

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