Foto: Domino Players

Domino Players, Cuba - Havana life style - black & white

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G030053888G | Fotograf: Jorge V. Gavilondo

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Havana, old Havana, La Plaza Vieja, urban, town, metropolis, building, colonnade, scaffold, lifestyle, streetlife, leisure, recreation, game, entertainment, pleasure, stool, table, interior, building lot, construction site, headgear, traditional head dress, cap, townsman urbanite, portrait, group, people, indigenous people, population, men, adult, workman, simplicity, Cuban, handicraftsmen, to play at dominoes, positioned, relaxing, peaceful, traditional, entertaining, recreate, enjoy, focussed, sitting, playing, assembled, Cuban, leisure time, popular, bw, b-w, black and white, black&white, Caribbean

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