Foto: Old Havana Scenes V

Old Havana Scenes V, Cuba - Havana old town

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G037057477 | Fotograf: Jorge V. Gavilondo

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Havana, old Havana, Calle Monserrate, Palacio de las Usrsulinas, eclecticism, historical architectural style, Old Town historic district, downtown, seaport, metropolis, capital city, town, urban, cityscape, mansion, building, raw of houses, palace, arc, colonnade, street, decor, tessellation, ornamentation, traffic transport, road vehicle, motor vehicles, classic car vintage car, automobile privat car, cars, bicycle bike, American limousine, automobiles, cyclist, tricycle, trishaw, streetlife, built, parked, arched, well-kept, metropolitan, tranquil, stylish, livable, Cuban, middle class, indigenous, historic, ornate, representative, sophisticated, colorful

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