Foto: Cuban Street Scene

Cuban Street Scene - Cuba Havana - people

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G081507397 | Fotograf: Iris Speth

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Old Havana, Vieja, urban, town, metropolis, Old Town historic district, downtown, raw of houses, facade, street, pavement sidewalk, patina, decay, shadow, traffic transport, road vehicle, classic car vintage car, automobile privat car, American limousine, saloon car, lifestyle, streetlife, usual clothes, Shirt, Jeans, townsman urbanite, portrait, passer-by, indigenous people, population, walker, men, group, people, girl, teenager teen, adult, Cuban, Cuban, parked, stored off, shady, decayed, damaged, graceful, tumbledown decrepit, metropolitan, elderly, young, observing, focussed, chic, walking strolling, feminine female, Cuban, Caribbean, historic, colorful

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