Foto: Havana Fishermen II

Havana Fishermen II, Cuba - Havana's fishing-sites

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G031051428 | Fotograf: Jorge V. Gavilondo

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Havana, Havana Bay, cityscape, urban, skyline, town, capital city, metropolis, seaport, suburban area outskirts, wall, bank reinforcement, seawall, waterside promenade water front, landmark, chimney, industrial and commercial area commercial park, industrial plant, industry, factory, location of industry, shadow, waterfront area, port facilities, mooring post, shipping pier, dock, dockside, harbour, evening light, dusk twilight, panoramic view, horizon, silhouette, sky, water, reflection, mist, smoke, smog, tropics, calm, lifestyle, streetlife, leisure, townsman urbanite, portrait, group, people, indigenous people, population, men, adult, fishermen, Cuban, fishing, fishing rod, positioned, industrial, smoky, windless, atmospheric, misty, far away, relaxing, peaceful, convivial, metropolitan, picturesque, tranquil, dazzling, attentive, observing, fish angle, patient, focussed, waiting, Cuban, leisure time, rich in contrast, to a large extent visible, colorful

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