Foto: The Old man on the cart

The Old man on the cart, Cuba - Trinidad

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L54990180 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Trinidad, cityscape, urban, town, Old Town historic district, small town, wooden power pole, mist, tropics, heat, season winter, traffic transport, cart, trap, horse and cart, buggy, lifestyle, streetlife, people, adult, children, indigenous people, population, walker, shadow, street, high street, shopping street, pavement sidewalk, townsman urbanite, panoramic view, road vehicle, motor vehicles, classic car vintage car, automobile privat car, cars, American limousine, Americana, loaded, lone, far away, leaning, cloudless, mountainous, misty, friendly, busy, provincial, sunny, traditional, tropical, colorful, Caribbean, Cuban, heat, shady, congested, aged, indigenous, contrasting, moving on, to a large extent visible

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