Foto: Colors in the sun

Colors in the sun, Cuba - Trinidad

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L55990181 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Trinidad, cityscape, urban, town, Old Town historic district, small town, colonial architecture, house, raw of houses, residental building, facade, exterior rendering, whitewash coat of paint, street, wooden power pole, vegetation, forest, mixed woodland, hill, mountains, panoramic view, blue sky, mist, tropics, heat, season winter, traffic transport, lifestyle, streetlife, people, adult, indigenous people, population, walker, Cuban, passer-by, road vehicle, motor vehicles, classic car vintage car, automobile privat car, cars, American limousine, Americana, advertisement, event, sandwich board, street lamp, high street, shopping street, loaded, lone, far away, leaning, cloudless, mountainous, misty, friendly, busy, provincial, sunny, traditional, lazy, tropical, colorful, Caribbean, Cuban

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