Foto: Side-street in the evening

Side-street in the evening, Cuba - Trinidad

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L56990184 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Trinidad, cityscape, urban, town, small town, Old Town historic district, downtown, historical architectural style, colonial architecture, house, raw of houses, residental building, spanish culture, colonial inheritance, facade, street, cobbled street, pavement sidewalk, cobblestone pavement, paver, sett paving, street lamp, wooden power pole, pole, shadow, townsman urbanite, people, population, Cuban, traffic transport, road vehicle, motor vehicles, classic car vintage car, automobile privat car, cars, American limousine, cart, horse drawn carriage, carriage, buggy, lifestyle, streetlife, World Heritage Site Unesco, cultural patrimony of humanity, evening light, sky, tropics, heat, calm, far away, parked, stored off, cobbled, leaning, dazzling, atmospheric, impressive, peaceful, heat, provincial, picturesque, shady, sunny, traditional, lazy, pristine, windless, indigenous, Caribbean, rich in contrast, Cuban, to a large extent visible

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