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The images of the Dominican Republic touch you with the typical carefree Caribbean lifestyle. Especially the gallery „people” show the exuberance of their joie-de-vivre.

But also photographs of the daily grind and hard working conditions are on offer.

Outstanding are the images of the Caribbean carnival in Santo Domingo. A kaleidescope of colours, creative costumes and masks that come from many cultures present themselves as superb subjects to be photographed.

The pictures have captured the beauty and the varied landscapes of the Dominican Republic well. Photos of the national park, photographs of the highlands or of Lake Enriquillo alternate with images of palm trees, romantic palm beaches and steep bluffs. And again and again those gorgeous sandy beaches you can only dream about.

Images taken in the rural regions and smaller towns, especially those in the central region, provide us with a good picture of daily life and the people’s social environment.