Foto: Vegetable Market

Vegetable Market, DomRep Caribbean

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G011030005 | Fotograf: Michael Vorbeck

Central America, Caribbean, Hispaniola, Dominican Republic, DomRep, Sabana de la Mar in the east, countryside, country life, village, building, retail shop, market stand market stall, bag, box crate, sale, food nourishment, agricultural commodities, fruit, vegetable, banana, lemons citrons, batata sweet potato yam, season winter, tropics, vendor, man, adult, indigenous people, Dominican, furnishings, produce, abundance, streetlife, lifestyle, portrait, Waage, villager, exposed, harvested, fresh, busy, tranquil, shady, sunny, tropical, traditional, patient, sitting, waiting, Dominican, elementary, indigenous, eatable edible, healthy, nutritious, colorful

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