Foto: Huts in the Neighbourhood

Huts in the Neighbourhood, DomRep Caribbean

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G011030017 | Fotograf: Michael Vorbeck

Central America, Caribbean, Hispaniola, Dominican Republic, DomRep, Sabana de la Mar in the east, cityscape, urban, town, metropolis, environment, suburban area outskirts, slums, hut, shed, small cottage, shack, decay, pollution of the environment, ecological destruction, corrugated iron, laundry washing, clothesline, vegetation, banana plant, dirt, rubbish, blue sky, horizon, tropics, heat, season winter, isolated, built, tumbledown decrepit, derelict, waste, decayed, rejecting, culturally grown, squalid dirty, sunny, tropical, inharmonic, inhospitable, Dominican, workaday, colorful

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