Foto: Idyllic Suburb

Idyllic Suburb, DomRep Caribbean

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G011030038 | Fotograf: Michael Vorbeck

Central America, Caribbean, Hispaniola, Dominican Republic, DomRep, La Vega, cityscape, urban, town, small town, suburban area outskirts, small cottage, residental building, dwellings, tin roof, facade, whitewash coat of paint, corrugated iron, street, pavement sidewalk, decay, fence, animals, goats, vegetation, bushes, branches, foliage, ridge, horizon, blue sky, clouds, tropics, heat, season winter, lifestyle, streetlife, built, cloudy, desolately, far away, painted, wooden, graceful, mountainous, friendly, peaceful, heat, provincial, picturesque, tranquil, rustic, sunny, lazy, tropical, Dominican, elementary, indigenous, to a large extent visible, colorful multi-coloured

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