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Photos from Egypt - Cityscape Cairo - Photographs from the Eastern Desert of Sahara

Egypt is not only noted for being one of the earliest civilizations on record but also for the number of breathtaking sights and structures the old cultures and early Egyptian kingdoms have left behind at the height of their glory. Your holidays to Egypt will be incomplete without taking photographs of these awe inspiring sights like the Pyramids at Giza, the imposing figure of the Great Sphinx, the vast number of Cairo's ancient mosques and of course the majestic Nile river.

Photographs from Egypt and along the Nile contains images from the capital Cairo with the citadel, where the Egypt’s built the Mohammed Ali Mosque, also called the Alabaster Mosque, as well as pictures of other Egyptian mosques and of the pyramids with the Sphinx, portrait and street life photography, of the bazaar (Souk), the Khan El Khalili, the biggest market downtown in Cairo City, pictures of the Ramadan at the time of the evening prayer.

The landscapes along the Nile contains the valley of the kings and the Karnak- as well as Luxor temple at Luxor, Feluken at Assuan, cruise ships at Kom Ombo, as well as the famous and very well preserved Horus temple in Edfu, the Memmon-colossi and the Hatschepsut-temple round off these images.

The photographs of the eastern desert include landscape photography of the Sahara, a Bedouin family and the remains of an old Roman watering place. The roman emperors, in particular emperor Diokletian, used the quarries in the Sahara as a key resource for their palaces.