Foto: Façade of the Horustempel, Edfu

Façade of the Horustempel, Edfu, Egypt - Along the Nile

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G081602505 | Fotograf: Iris Speth

Africa, North Africa, Egypt, Nile, Upper Egypt, Edfu, Temple of Horus, urban, town, metropolis, ancient world, historical architectural style, king, building, place of assembly, facade, natural stone, gateway, gate, blue sky, heat, tropics, season winter, cultural history, World Heritage Site Unesco, cultural patrimony of humanity, Egyptian antiquity, ancient Egyptian civilization, Pharaonic kingdom, temple, ancient cult site, oriental civilization, worship, inscription, hieroglyphs, tourism, African, Egyptian, Arab Arabian Arabic, secluded, remote, aged, indigenous, historic, tall, artistic, splendid, representative, touristy, huge, to a large extent visible, colorful, ritual, powerful, stylish, pristine, ceremonial, lone, tremendous

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