Foto: Liquid Traders at Esna

Liquid Traders at Esna, Egypt - Along the Nile

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G081607035 | Fotograf: Iris Speth

Africa, North Africa, Egypt, Nile, Esna, lock, country life, navigable waterway, river, stream, traffic transport, vessel, boat, rowing boat, rudder, lifestyle, streetlife, oriental civilization, merchandise, goods offered, display, delivery, textiles, produce, sale, commerce, typical dresses, Arab garment galabiyya, headgear, turban, villager, tourism, portrait, indigenous people, population, men, adult, vendor, chandler, dealer, traders, Egyptian, loaded, sunny, busy, carry, observing, busy, relaxed posture, patient, serene, mercantile, sitting, sell, African, Egyptian, Arab Arabian Arabic, indigenous, Muslim, colorful

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