Foto: Donkey Carts in a Nubian Village

Donkey Carts in a Nubian Village, Egypt - Along the Nile

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G081607225 | Fotograf: Iris Speth

Africa, North Africa, Egypt, Nile, Nubia, Assuan, urban, town, small town, building, wall, window, desert sand, cart, ass donkey, working animal production animal, tropics, season spring, lifestyle, streetlife, country life, goods offered, display, delivery, produce, purchase, box crate, scale, market stand market stall, sale, commerce, agricultural commodities, food nourishment, typical dresses, Arab garment galabiyya, abaya, veil, headgear, head scarf, villager, group, people, indigenous people, population, adult, child, vendor, customer, chandler, dealer, traders, Egyptian, donkey cart, loaded, wooden, shady, busy, traditional, shopping, friendly, cheerful, trade, mercantile, focussed, speaking talking, sell, feminine female, African, Egyptian, Arab Arabian Arabic, workaday, elementary, Muslim, colorful

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