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Photos from France - Landscapes and Countryside Image from the Normandy - Villages and Rural Life Photography

Photographs from La belle France; country of chic, haute cuisine and haute couture and yet show the photos from the nooks and crannies of country villages and towns a living still very much down to earth; where substance matters more than mere style particularly where good food and wine are concerned.

Pictures from La belle France show the traditional architecture in preserved villages which lie proudly in their own distinctive regions, displaying their own unique style and contribution to the French way of life and yet wherever one travels in this country of great diversity and varied landscapes it could only be France.

Images Normandy:

Normandy is the region of France south of the English Channel that lies between Picardy to the east and Brittany to the west. The name Normandy came from invasions of the 9th century by the Vikings or northmen. Today the region is renowned for its wet, fertile climate, rich pasture and cattle land which has produced some of France’s most renowned cheeses, particularly the soft creamy varieties such as Camembert and Livarot. It shouldn’t be forgotten that this is also apple country and cider is produced that rivals France’s other noteworthy beverage – wine.

The photos from the Normandy pictures numerous interesting towns and villages both on the coast and inland with many picturesque timber framed dwellings existing alongside fortified castles and forts. Normandy is also noted for its beautiful landscapes - as this photography proves - which have attracted many impressionist painters in days gone by. Most noteworthy is the home and garden of Claude Monet in Giverney which still attracts visitors to see the place where he painted many of his most beautiful and enigmatic canvasses.