Foto: Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage, Normandy, Haut Normandie

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G081101725 | Fotograf: John Whitby

Europe, France, Normandy, Lyons le Foret, vernacular, architectural detail, house, cottage, half-timbered building, wattle and daub, facade, boulder stonework, natural stone, timber-framed, window, shutters, doorway, door, steps stairs, railing, countryside, country life, rural, countryside detail, plant, flowers, windowbox, blossoms, climbing rose, roses, season summer, lifestyle, built, planted, blooming, iron, brick-built, decorated, wooden, friendly, well-kept, quaint idyllic, summerly, stylish, traditional, pristine, livable, French, aged, indigenous, historic, colorful

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