Foto: Brasserie Le Grand Cerf and Renault Twingo

Brasserie Le Grand Cerf and Renault Twingo, Normandy, Haut Normandie

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G081101730 | Fotograf: John Whitby

Europe, France, Normandy, Lyons le Foret, urban, town, small town, historical architectural style, vernacular, architectural detail, house, building, half-timbered building, wattle and daub, hotel, hostel, gastronomy, restaurant, hostelry, facade, pane of glass, timber-framed, window, entrance, doorway, door, gateway, gate, street, sett paving, cobblestone pavement, paver, lantern, indicating label, season summer, traffic transport, road vehicle, automobile privat car, lifestyle, hospitality, public house, bar, café, information, poster, advertisement, inscription, labelling lettering, built, parked, cobbled, wooden, leaning, glazed, inviting, provincial, tranquil, traditional, lazy, dozy, French, aged, indigenous, historic, indicative, colorful

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