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Photos from Guatemala – Photography of Guatemalan Cities – Images of the Central American Landscape

Guatemala is a Central American country bordering Mexico to the south and being sandwiched between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. It has an area of 108890 sp km with lowlands along the coasts, especially on the Yucatan peninsula, and highlands dotted with volcanoes in the centre of the country.

Guatemala’s population is 12.3 million of which 2.5 million live in its capital Guatemala City. Nearby lies the old capital Antigua known for the magnificent Spanish architecture of many churches and monasteries which were destroyed by the earthquakes of 1773 and whose ruins are testimony for the power of nature. While Spanish is the official language, many indigenous languages are spoken.

The Mayan civilization had a long history in Guatemala and has left many impressive sites. Pedro de Alvarado defeated the Mayans in 1523-1524 and claimed the land for Spain. Guatemala gained independence from Spain in 1821.

Today more than half of the population is of Mayan descent. While Catholicism is the official religion, old customs and religious pre-Columbian Mayan traditions are intertwined with Catholic religious performances.

Coffee, sugar and bananas are the life blood of the Guatemalan economy and the main export items.

Unfortunately Guatemala has a history of dictatorships, civil wars and corruption. Fortunately at the moment peace has returned to the country and it is again safe to visit.