Photos Hamburg

Photos Hamburg - the gate to the world - photographs of the Hamburg Port and pictures from the city

Hamburg is a watery city, geographically, historically and atmospherically. Hamburg lies picturesquely at the Elbe River and is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany not far away from the North Sea. It is Germany's second largest city. The Hanseatic city is one of the major trading centers in Europe and formed with Lübeck, Bremen and Rostock and other European ports the medieval Hanseatic League. Hamburg is a city-state, being as far as possible independent of other states that existed and exist in Germany. However, during the centuries, Hamburg has always been an international city, not only because of its position in international trade, but also in political dimensions.

The city is known as one of the most important harbours in Europe and the world, and it is the greenest city in Germany: 13 % of the city are park and greenland, 23 % protected countryside and 6% nature reserves. Nevertheless, two thirds of the city are occupied by parks, lakes or tree-lined canals, giving this huge harbour city a refreshal rural feel. The city has a network of canals like Venice and it is said that Hamburg have more bridges than Venice. Motives in the photograph are frequently used. Modern buildings sit cheek by jowl with historic Baroque and Renaissance architecture, and by night the neon lights dazzle all-night revellers, particularly in the city's notorious red light district, the Reeperbahn.

Most of the sights of interest of the city centred on its maritime traditions and are photographed in a multiple ways. For the visitors is mainly impressive the port of Hamburg, who also called 'Germany's gateway to World' and the harbour area. To this belongs the 'Warehouse district', called “Speicherstadt”, the new “Hafen-City” and the “St. Pauli Landungsbrücken” with the “Fischmark”.

In 1842 a great fire destroyed much of the city, and a century later World War II bombing raids again laid it waste, but Hamburg bounced back with style, thanks to the wealth garnered from its position as a trading centre. The city's tourist board claims that Hamburg is now home to more millionaires per capita than any other city in Europe.