Foto: Birdman

Birdman, India - Kerala - The country inside

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G080063347 | Fotograf: John Whitby

Asia, South Asia, India, West India, Kerala, lifestyle, streetlife, place of assembly, religion, Hinduism, usual clothes, portrait, face, facial expression, head, wrinkles, man, beard, adult, indigenous people, Indian, sacral building, temple, street, wall, whitewash coat of paint, chandler, dealer, traders, goods offered, display, sale, commerce, birdcage, animals, birds, parakeet, striped, painted, peaceful, provincial, culturally grown, tranquil, traditional, elderly, attentive, observing, patient, religious, waiting, workaday, Asian, indigenous, colorful multi-coloured, sitting, serene, relaxed, mercantile, trade, sell

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