Foto: For a Clean Environment

For a Clean Environment, India - Rajasthan - Small Towns

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G106089890 | Fotograf: John Whitby

Asia, South Asia, India, Rajasthan, Narwalgarh, urban, town, small town, street, cleaning, broom and shovel , care, dirt, dust, heat, subtropical climate, tropics, shadow, the magic of light & shade, aridity, drought, lifestyle, streetlife, typical dresses, fashion female, sari, headgear, head scarf, animals, dog, townsman urbanite, portrait, indigenous people, woman, adult, girl, barren, wrapped, barren bleak, shady, sunny, dry, arid desertlike, atmospheric, heat, provincial, squalid dirty, dusty, tropical, inhospitable, working, poor, busy, char housework, young, Indian, elementary, colorful, feminine female

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