Foto: Pushkar Street

Pushkar Street, India - Rajasthan - Overland and Desert

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G108080629 | Fotograf: John Whitby

Asia, South Asia, India, Rajasthan, Pushkar, urban, town, small town, vernacular, building, residental building, facade, wall, entrance, gateway, arc, pillar column, street, patina, way, animals, cow, bull, bullock ox, desert sand, drought, heat, wasteland, aridity, evening light, dusk twilight, subtropical climate, tropics, lifestyle, streetlife, faith belief, religion, Hinduism, whitewash coat of paint, worship, built, arched, painted, barren bleak, shady, decayed, weathered weather-beaten, lone, picturesque, strongly traditional, tropical, inhospitable, walking strolling, Indian, workaday, elementary, indigenous, Hindu, colorful

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