Photos Italy

Photos from Italy - Northern and Central Italy - Photographs from Lake Garda, Tuscany, Liguria and Venice

Displayed are pictures of a unique culture; buildings from different architectural epochs, cities with long and fascinating histories. The landscape is varied and often breathtaking with gently rolling hills and distant views. Dotted here and there are tiny villages and farmsteads amongst the vineyards and cypresses. 

The photos assigned to this gallery come from regions north of Central Italy. The monochrome and colour images are the result of various trips to Venice, Lombardy, Tuscany and Liguria on the Mediterranean coast.

The emphasis is on the beauty of the countryside surrounding Lake Garda; images reflecting the unique harmony between the architecture and nature of this region’s Mediterranean landscape. The landscapes also include many small towns from the Riviera del Garda up to Riva.

The landscape of the Ligurian coast is the second theme in this gallery. Here we find beautiful images of the town of Lerici and its surrounding countryside, in particular the Cinque Terre on the Riviera di Levante. Lerici is also well illustrated with interesting views of the town and harbour.

The third theme of this selection are the cityscapes of three Tuscan Cities:

- Lucca-with its towers, churches and squares,
- Pisa- with the Piazza dei Miracoli,
- Florence-with its bridges over the Arno.

We also present typical landscapes of Tuscany from the area surrounding the charming Tuscan village of Seggiano and the grandeur of the spectacular Val D’Orcia.

No portfolio of images of northern Italy would be complete without pictures of Venice. Here we have not only the impressive side of the city; the Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco and glorious churches but also the more intimate backstreets and alleys with people engaged in their everyday lives. In addition the colourful outlying island of Burano is represented as a contrast to the more formal splendour of Venice itself.