Foto: Il lungomare di Lerici - the marina

Il lungomare di Lerici - the marina, Italy - Liguri - Lerici

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L98020012 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Europe, Italy, North Italy, Liguri, Lerici, cityscape, urban, town, seaport, downtown, city centre, Old Town historic district, small town, historical architectural style, house, residental building, dwellings, public space, garden, park, horticulture, facade, exterior rendering, whitewash coat of paint, window, shutters, balcony, shadow, vegetation, tree trees, tree trunk, foliage, leaves, branches, bushes, palm tree, way, footpath, bench, Mediterranean scenery, season autumn, subtropical climate, care, planted, built, painted, lush, atmospheric, peaceful, well-kept, autumnal, provincial, Mediterranean, matutinal, tranquil, shady, sunny, fertile, Italian, livable

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