Foto: The Island Tino seen from the Castle

Thesland Tino seen from the Castle, Italy - Liguri - Lerici

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L98020019 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Europe, Italy, North Italy, Liguri, Lerici, landscape, town, seaport, small town, historical architectural style, medieval architecture, fortress, castle, fortification, facade, natural stone, ashlar masonry, landmark, tower, shadow, vegetation, conifer, stone pine umbrella pine, sea, island, coast, Mediterranean scenery, sea view, horizon, blue sky, water, subtropical climate, season autumn, cultural history, museum, pillar, fence, sloping, isolated, ancient, built, lone, far away, towering lofty, military, steeply, cloudless, impressive, altitudinarian, friendly, peaceful, Mediterranean, representative, tranquil, shady, sunny, braving, pristine, indigenous, colorful, historic, tall, Italian, powerful, to a large extent visible

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