Foto: The bay of Lerici with a view of the Castle

The bay of Lerici with a view of the Castle, Italy - Liguri - Lerici

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L98020063 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Europe, Italy, North Italy, Liguri, Lerici, cityscape, urban, skyline, town, seaport, downtown, Old Town historic district, small town, historical architectural style, medieval architecture, fortress, fortification, house, building, landmark, tower, shadow, jetty, mooring post, dock, dockside, harbour, marina, sea, bay, coast, steep coast, hill, panoramic view, Mediterranean scenery, blue sky, subtropical climate, autumn landscape, season autumn, traffic transport, vessel, motorboat, motor yacht, rowing boat, sailing boat, leisure area, vacation, evening light, reflection, waterside promenade water front, bank reinforcement, sloping, isolated, built, far away, moored, towering lofty, steeply, cloudless, mountainous, altitudinarian, friendly, peaceful, autumnal, provincial, picturesque, Mediterranean, matutinal, shady, sunny, indigenous, colorful, historic, tall, Italian, vibrant vivid, powerful, touristy, to a large extent visible, broad extensiv, floodlit, atmospheric

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