Photos Netherlands

Photography of the Netherlands - Amsterdam Photos - Dutch Landscapes

The first photo theme: Holland.

This contains photographic images from the north of Holland. Starting in Zaandam and Zaandijk, they show the traditional Dutch wooden houses and windmills. Nearby is the windmill village of Zaanse Schans, which has been built specifically for commercial tourism. Further photos show the Dutch coast - landscape photography of the mud-flats and the North Sea and choice photos of the former island of Wieringen, its harbour in Den Oever with fishing vessels and sailing boats.

The second part of the Dutch photo gallery moves to the city of Amsterdam - the city with a bike in every photo.

Not only has the bicycle made its mark in Amsterdam but also in the photographs of the old city which will inevitably contain a bike in some way, shape or form. The pictures show the canals, houseboats and sailing boats, the drawbridges and the towers of Amsterdam. The gallery also includes images of the harbour with its cargo ships and traditional ships, as well as of Dutch town house architecture shown here in both: black and white or colour. Many of the pictures demonstrate the life style in old Amsterdam with its coffee shops, restaurants and bars.