Foto: Fishing village on the Lofoten

Fishing village on the Lofoten, Norway - Lofoten - black & white

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L01970138G | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Scandinavia, Norway, Lofoten, Moskenesoy, lake dwelling, island, hill, slope hillside mountainside, mountains, snow, ocean, Norwegian scenery, traditional timber house, fishing village, inshore fishery, fishing hut, coast, port, harbour, fishermen port, coastal mountain range, evening glow, reflection, jetty, shipping pier, wood stake wood piles, traffic transport, fish angle, peaceful, reflecting, traditional, picturesque, sloping, well-kept, steeply, stony rocky, inviting, friendly, graceful, arctic, cloudy, moored, dozy, lazy, bw, b-w, black and white, black&white

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