Foto: Bridge and Church Santa Clara

Bridge and Church Santa Clara, South-America - Peru

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G092071931 | Fotograf: Klaus Lang

America, South America, Peru, Andes, Cusco, Iglesia de Santa Clara, cityscape, urban, town, downtown, city centre, Old Town historic district, historical architectural style, colonial architecture, boulder stonework, city gate, house, colonial inheritance, spanish culture, facade, entrance, gateway, arc, pillar, pillar, street, landmark, tower, bell tower, sacral building, church, steeple steeples, dome, townsman urbanite, sky, clouds, streetlife, history, cultural history, American colonial history, wealth, Catholicism, Christianity, people, tourism, tourists, passer-by, walker, built, cloudy, far away, brick-built, massive of stone, impressive, picturesque, representative, sunny, strongly traditional, stylish, aged, colorful, tall, Latin-American, powerful, Peruvian, splendid, Roman Catholic, round, touristy, to a large extent visible, arched

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