Foto: Indio Woman with Child

Indio Woman with Child, South-America - Peru

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G092071949 | Fotograf: Klaus Lang

America, South America, Peru, Andes, Cusco, wall, boulder stonework, daytime noonday sun, streetlife, lifestyle, portrait, face, facial expression, woman, mother, bonding, family, adult, toddler, child, indigenous people, Indian, ethnic group, passer-by, traditional costume, typical dresses, fashion female, baby sling, headgear, head scarf, traditional head dress, appended, wrapped, friendly, cheerful, busy, vibrant vivid, shady, sunny, traditional, serene, smiling, candid, observing, shy, feminine female, walking strolling, indigenous, colorful multi-coloured, historic, Indian, Latin-American, fashionable, Peruvian, splendid

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