Foto: Barter Market

Barter Market, South-America - Peru

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G092071672 | Fotograf: Klaus Lang

America, South America, Peru, Andes, Desaguadero, landscape, countryside, country life, field, lifestyle, farmer's market, sale, commerce, adult, market-woman, chandler, dealer, traders, countrywoman, indigenous people, Indian, population, ethnic group, villager, open space, vegetation, grasses, tree trees, lake, grass, lakeside, mountain country shank, mountain wasteland, slope hillside, mountain lake, aridity, view onto the lake, horizon, blue sky, water, place of assembly, sloping, secluded, far away, dry, mountainous, peaceful, busy, convivial, culturally grown, sunny, traditional, assembled, sell, sitting, mercantile, trade, commercial, shopping, elementary, indigenous, colorful, historic, Indian, Latin-American, Peruvian

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