Following photographers are represented with a selection of their photographs in our image bank:

The image bank contains images by photographers from many countries. The portfolios of each photographer show a representative selection of their work. As varied as their countries of residence are, so are the approaches to photography, their styles and topics.

The leitmotif and endeavor of all our photographers is the artistic photographic interpretation and deep understanding and empathy of nature, exemplified by landscapes from their own countries or photographs taken on far flung journeys.  Another important aspect is the visualization of the human condition with portraits of human beings in the context of their habitat. That is why the variety of themes is so large and varied.

The photographs presented on this site fill a broad spectrum: landscape and nature photography, urban landscapes and architecture, lifestyle as well as rural images. In addition you will find pictures of landmarks and vacation destinations, extolling recreation, joie-de-vivre and the cultural life of these exotic places. Still lifes and beautiful close-ups are also featured.