Kirsten Bitterroff

Kirsten was born in the spring of 1964. She is from Berlin and comes from an ambitious literary family devoted to the fine arts and music. During her school days, her musical and artistic talents attracted considerable attention.

When Kirsten was 18 she received her first reflex camera and began a period of travel, both in the literal and spiritual sense. Music and encounters with foreign cultures have left an indelible impression on Kirsten’s attitude towards life and this is expressed in her photography. Her pictures, predominantly landscapes, appear at times to compress colours and light, weaving cryptic and surreal moods into a unique atmosphere.

Kirsten’s children were born around the time the Berlin Wall came down. It was during this period that, while concentrating on the challenges facing her as a wife and a mother, she changed her focus from landscape photography to portraiture and ambience photography.

As her children grew and became more independent, Kirsten returned to landscape photography, exploring the areas around Berlin, and in particular, the quiet charm of the Uckermark. Visits to friends in far away places became possible again. The impressive natural beauty of New Zealand is a special source of inspiration, and Kirsten is continuing to expand her photographic repertoire. About her work she says: “Nature itself, in its creation and decomposition, creates ever-changing and irrecoverable visions that I capture with the camera. If I were a poet, I would try to compose the entirety of a moment into a Haiku. It is with my pictures that I aspire to make such moments perceptible to others.“ Today Kirsten shoots exclusively digital photographs.