Klaus Lang

Klaus Lang, born in 1940 in Erfurt Germany, is an internationally acclaimed and published photographer. Lang took up photography in 1968 after having emigrated to Canada which he now calls home. Given the spectacular natural beauty of Canada, and being an ardent naturalist, he concentrated on nature photography for most of his photographic career. In 2005 he switched to digital and started to include urban and travel photography to his portfolio. Recognizing his unique color sense, a leading European dye manufacturer used a series of his images in a key advertising campaign: “Colors Show Life,” printed in the respected international yearbook “Photo GRAPHIS” in 1979.

Additionally, Lang has hosted prime exhibitions in galleries all over Canada and the United States. His prints are part of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa, Canada. A partial list of corporate clients includes Ely Lilly Pharmaceuticals, The Government of Ontario, The Government of Canada, Gebr. Schmidt, Germany, United Technoligies and TBWA Advertising Agency.

Lang’s photographs each capture a moment in time and space, yet transcend both. His unique perspective accents the burgeoning symbolism within each shot, treating the viewer to an unexpected hint of the artistic value veiled beneath the surface. Ultimately, his photographs are an expression that both compliment and defy the frame in which they are set.