Klaus von Hollen

Klaus von Hollen was born in 1963 in Bremen and lives in Hamburg since 1989.

Early he develops his enthusiasm for photography. His active period with photography started in Santiago de Compostela where he lived during 1993. He displayed his photos in a well-known music-pub in Santiago. His photographic trips took him to Madrid, Porto and Lisbon. 1995, during his studies at the University Hamburg he went to Ulan Bator in Mongolia as a trainee. In the same year he displays the photos of Mongolia in Santiago de Compostela.

Not before 2004 does he change from the analogous to the digital photography and never regretting it a single minute. His particular gift is to find structures and contrasts which he combines with a reduction to a few elements, increasing the message of the composition without using digital tricks. Klaus von Hollen is showing here photos from his latest, digitally period.