Photos Portugal

Photos from Portugal - Images of Porto and Lisbon - West Coast, Algarve - Photography of the Portuguese Atlantic Coast

Our photo selection from Portugal includes images from the north of the country, from the Portuguese border area to Spain and via Porto and Lisbon to the Algarve and Lagos in the South. Most of the photographs were taken along the Atlantic seaboard from Valença do Minho, Viana do Castelo, Porto, Lisbon, to Lagos at the Algarve.

The rich cultural heritage of this country is reflected in the historic architecture that exemplifies the great history of Portugal. The roots and traditions are best conveyed by those photographs of the ancient harbours and coastlines, from where the intrepid Portuguese launched their historic voyages.

Fishing and fish processing are still the main activities in the small villages along the Atlantic coast, the rough sea life imprinted in the faces of the locals. But also ever present is the decline of the fishing industry with pictures of disused old fishing boats and boat wrecks left to rot.

We are forever reminded of the great maritime history of Portugal by pictures of ports, details of ships as well as fishing and sail boats.