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Photos from Prague - Old Town Photography - Images of the Czech Republic

Prague, the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic with a population of over 1 million (10% of the total population of the country) lies at the crossroads of Europe and has easy access to its neighbouring countries of Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Germany.

The district of Hradcany with its impressive castle, the frequently photographed landmark of Prague, cathedral and palaces dominates the city with views over the Vltava River, the famous Charles Bridge and a myriad domes, towers and spires of the churches and baroque buildings that lie below. Amongst the winding streets and alleys hotels, restaurants, shops and hostelries tempt the tourist with all the good things that the city has to offer.

Prague is also a great city of culture built in the time of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire. Beethoven and Mozart are two of the greatest names who lived and worked in the city. Today one can still hear their music and operas in the theatres or the Rudolphinum along with the great local composers, Dvorak Janacek and Smetana. The churches also offer smaller scale concerts and if something a little lighter is to your taste the black light theatres offer amusing stories portrayed by puppets.

Whether it is a trip down the river, shopping around Wenceslas Square or simply a weekend for sightseeing in this wonderful city and taking part in its carefree life, Prague really does have something for everyone.


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