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Photos Sardinia - Sardinian Landscape Photography – Photographs of the Italian Island Sardinia, Italy Images

Here we feature landscape photographs from Sardinia Island. We show photographs from Sardinian landscapes, villages and small towns, ports, rough coasts and the Sardinian white dream beaches. You see the antique monuments and photos of Nuraghen, remains of the island’s first settlers and images of the ruins of early Phoenecian and Roman settlements of the Island Sardinia. Further more you will find photos from beautiful nature and seascapes, photographs from Mediterranean architecture in the city of the capital and historic sites of Sardinia, photos from travelling along the west coast, from Gallura, Alghero, Bosa, to the peninsula Sinis, thru the Costa Verde, to Nora and Cagliari.

The images of Sardinia are taken at following locations::

The north:
Capo Testa. From Gallura to Nurra, Tempio and the Coda della Carasanta.
Landscape photographs of the northern top of the Sardinian Island. Formerly important marine basis and military foothold, impressing rock formations, hilly landscape, rough coast and picturesque bays. The way along the coast to the west, with the rice-grain-beach near the salt works, wild mountain landscapes, small rural churches and the city and fortress on the mountain at the sea, Castelsardo. Tempio the city of granite with the impressing cathedral S. Pietro, built also of granite and photographs of the lighting effects, sunrises and sunsets at the cliffs of the western Mediterranean Sea.

The country:
Gallurian landscape. In the inland:
Landscape photographs from the interior of the island, photographs of the sheep willows, the cork oaks, of the hills and valleys of this rural shaped willow landscape.
The sheep and the cork oak shaped structure and economy of the country and influence the daily life.

Alghero Town, Alghero the seaside:
Photography of the streets, lanes and places of the city, African and Spanish influences in the architecture, Photos of the development turned to Mediterranean Sea with the sea promenade, the seawalls and the fortifications (Bastions).

West coast
The western coast of Sardinia, landscape photos of impressing coast formations, brusque rocks and jagged bays.

Architectural contrasts:
Photographs of the antique buildings of the island, traditional architecture and romantic painting on facades.

Bosa at the riverside. Streets of Bosa:
Photographs of the port rich in tradition, photos of the old town, palms of the promenade, the mediterranean architecture, the lanes and courts the docks and the bank of the Temo with the bridge Nazionale.

The peninsula Sinis
The dream beach of Sinis, nature-beach, natural beach at Mediterranean Sea, the surf of waves and blue skies.

Mountain landscape in the western of the island, sheep, cattle, cork oaks, pine trees, eucalyptus trees, Sardinian landscape photographs.

Costa Verde
Costa Verde Pescinas. Costa Verde sunrise. Costa Verde
sunset. The green coast.
Landscape photographs of the beach of Pescinas. Tempest clouds, surf, waves, strong wind and rough weather at the Mediterranean Sea, the famous sandy beach and the yellow sand dunes, the dunes of the coast, landscape photographs of the marvellous beaches and bays of the Costa Verde.

at the Costa del Sud:
A popular, small and very beautiful beach, the south of the island.

Nora and the Capo di Pula:
Antique excavation place, photographs of ruins and antiquated buildings under the sun of Mediterranean Sea.

Photos of the capital of Sardinia, the old port, main road at the port ground with colonnades, the shops, the coffees and the restaurant, photos of the old town at the port, photographs at the time of dawn and night photography.

Golfo di Carbonara:
Fine sandy beaches and idyllic bays, the southern coast of Sardinia