Foto: Side street

Side street, taly - Sardinia - Alghero

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L61020036 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Italy, Sardinia Island, west coast, Alghero, cityscape, urban, town, seaport, downtown, Old Town historic district, small town, historical architectural style, street, lane, narrow alley, sett paving, facade, exterior rendering, whitewash coat of paint, wall, window, shutters, street lamp, shadow, patina, townsman urbanite, Mediterranean scenery, subtropical climate, lifestyle, streetlife, cooking, gastronomy, restaurant, fish, built, cloudy, desolately, far away, cobbled, , painted, towering lofty, round, plasters, altitudinarian, peaceful, provincial, picturesque, Mediterranean, tranquil, rustic, shady, traditional, indigenous, colorful, tall, Sardinian

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