Foto: Fisher boats on the river Temo

Fisher boats on the river Temo, taly - Sardinia - Bosa

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L64020054 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Italy, Sardinia Island, west coast, Bosa, cityscape, urban, town, seaport, downtown, Old Town historic distric, small town, historical architectural style, industrial architecture, building, industrial and commercial area commercial park, warehouse, mooring post, dock, dockside, harbour, fishermen port, town-centre waters, navigable waterway, river, bank, Mediterranean scenery, evening light, dusk twilight, panoramic view, horizon, sky, subtropical climate, season autumn, traffic transport, vessel, boat, motorboat, fishing vessel, fishing boat, rudder, fishing gear, inshore fishery, fishing net, water, reflection, far away, moored, flowing, cloudless, atmospheric, peaceful, autumnal, provincial, picturesque, tranquil, rustic, reflecting, silent, traditional, Sardinian, workaday, aged, elementary, indigenous, rich in contrast, colorful, blue, red

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