Foto: Evening mood at the promenade

Evening mood at the promenade, taly - Sardinia - Bosa

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L64020088 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Italy, Sardinia Island, west coast, Bosa, cityscape, urban, town, seaport, downtown, city centre, Old Town historic district, small town, historical architectural style, house, raw of houses, building, residental building, avenue, riverside road quayside, seawall, waterside promenade water front, palm-lined, wall, shadow, protection, bank reinforcement, river, bank, vegetation, tree trees, palm tree, mooring post, dockside, harbour, fishermen port, navigable waterway, town-centre waters, evening glow, dusk twilight, Mediterranean scenery, panoramic view, horizon, silhouette, blue sky, water, clouds, reflection, autumn landscape, subtropical climate, season autumn, traffic transport, vessel, motorboat, sailing boat, fishing boat, rowing boat, waterfront area, port facilities, built, cloudy, far away, moored, floodlit, atmospheric, dramatic, peaceful, autumnal, provincial, picturesque, Mediterranean, tranquil, shady, reflecting, silent, windless, Sardinian, aged, broad extensiv, dark, indigenous, historic, rich in contrast, to a large extent visible, colorful, multi-coloured

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