Foto: Torre dell'Elefante

Torre dell'Elefante, taly - Sardinia - Cagliari

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L67020012 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Italy, Sardinia Island, south, capital, cityscape, urban, town, capital city, metropolis, seaport, downtown, city centre, Old Town historic district, historical architectural style, medieval architecture, Romanesque, fortress, fortification, city wall, square, house, building, residental building, dwellings, street, crossroad, sett paving, cobbled street, landmark, tower, street lamp, candelabra, lines markings, evening light, dusk twilight, Mediterranean scenery, blue sky, clouds, season autumn, traffic transport, road vehicle, automobile privat car, cross-country vehicle, built, cloudy, brick-built, parked, towering lofty, massive of stone, impressive, altitudinarian, well-kept, metropolitan, Mediterranean, representative, strongly traditional, stylish, aged, colorful, historic, tall, vibrant vivid, powerful, splendid, Sardinian, to a large extent visible, military

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